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"Dr., it doesn't look that bad, why are we doing a hysterectomy on this 23 year old woman?, asked the young resident.


The elder Dr. replied, "If you don't learn here,... where else, are you going to learn?"


This story, told to me by a "sensitive" man, that refers a lot of women to me for womb issues,  incensed me, burned me up, I was so mad,  it peeled my scalp back.....it was incredible attitude for a caregiver..  What?!  How could anyone think or say something like that? This act could easily destroy this young woman's Life! This kind of attitude reminds me of women being used as teaching &  lab animals.





When I thought about all of the women that have come to me @ Women's Conferences & Health events, trembling or smiling a tight ,crazy smile, trying to make what they are about to divulge to me, "be okay".    But, many women are not "okay" with some of the female reproductive medical decisions that they have made. Plainly put, they didn't have the basic anatomy of their body understood to make a well-informed, educated decision.


Our wombs are not just to bring a new Life to the world, but it breathes Life into many of our life choices and endeavors.  It is our brain, our emotions and our creativity!  It is the core of our being.  All women retain "Womb-Space", even after their womb has been removed. Womb-Space has to be cared for, just like any other part of our body.  


Save Our Wombs.org,  is dedicated to educating Women about their bodies, particularly , their sexual anatomy, their reproductive system, so that women can make better well-informed decisions, about their body, particularly about their womb.                                                       A woman's body should be known & understood by her.    

We all need to know and understand our body.  


We clean our teeth daily, & the big cleanse twice per year by the dentist. We wash our hair and bodies daily, we get our hair braided , permed,curled and washed, colored & cut.  We spend a lot of time & money caring for the rest of our physical body. We need to "Detox our Wombs",  1 month out of every 3.


 I believe that with the amount of toxins in our enviroments and the family history and poor eating styles & habits that many of us have, we know that these toxins will collect in our bodies...


We may as well be pro-active and do specific "Womb Detoxing" on a quarterly basis to avoid any issues with womb toxins, like Fibroids, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Endometriosis, Infertility, HPV, Cysts and other womb issues.   Let's take care of us and be pro-active, because if you are aligning yourself with a Wholistic lifestyle, you may be one of theose people that want to limit invasive procedures.  Prepare yourself so that you don't have to make that decision. Detox Your Womb regularly!!

















Join us in teaching all that we can learn about our female anatomy * womb*, so that we can teach other women & girls, of all ages..  


Take a Save Our Wombs.org seminar @ your location and attend a Save Our Wombs.org event.  


Check this site for a date & location near you!  

Show your support for this educational initiative! Ask for postcards to distribute to your friends & family!


We all have to take action to Save Our Wombs, If not us, who?!


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                  Save Our Wombs!!!