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Womb Love Day





Womb Love Day is a time for us to give rest , rejuvenation & detox to our most valuable and strongest organ!  Our Wombs!


 Even if you have had your Womb removed, you must take care of your "Womb-Space".  Just as if you had your arm removed, you must still care for your shoulder.


The 1st "Womb Love" Day was held the weekend after Mother's Day 2011, because as I thought about it, Wombs & Mothers' are interwoven & indelibly connected... This was a perfect space to assist women in going back to caring for their Wombs & teaching their daughters.  We are missing the connection between groups of Women gathering to take time for themselves & using this routine time to let the young girls socialize and listen to the positive wisdom of the elder women.   Time to regenerate what works.


As I work with Women all over the world, I see the same issues over & over.  As I travel with SaveOurWombs.org, I have met Women that have had hysterectomies @ tender ages of 24, 27 & have been told stories of girls as young as 14 having already had a hysterectomy!


My feelings about this are that we have been cooking in toxins since before birth. (See Article on "The Body Burden" , under Fibroid Facts). The Womb is full of toxins, too & these toxins stay in the Womb, but they are also passed on to us, especially girls, that have the same bodies as our mothers.


 Once we are born with this burden we continue to collect more and varied toxins until we come of age to start having our own cycles. (These toxins are also a reason for early-age menses in girls)  This toxin burden can contribute to the young woman having "challenging"  & painful cycles.  Her consumption of "junk food" & fast food & food laden with hormones, add more toxins & growth hormones to cellulary issues that may have until now, have just been "in her family" & her gene pool.  Now, with her new hormones racing, the addition of growth hormones from fast food & meats, her body is in "fast-forward" toward the great hormone imbalance and a range of Womb issues.


What I believe is  when we start "detoxing" & kleanzing the womb of our young daughters (and teaching them the importance), starting at age 8 or so, and giving them a daily happy cup of Raspberry Tea, we can alleviate many of the womb issues that build up over time, from basic neglect.  


We regularly clean our teeth, our hair and have other grooming routines that we know are essential to our good health.  Simple Womb Detox is one of our basic healthy grooming habits that we need to establish or re-establish.  Some of us remember our grandmothers bathroom with the "vinegary" rubber bag that hung in her bathroom most of the time.  We need to re-examine our lives based on the new world of toxins that are collecting in our wombs (and breasts & bloodstreams).


There may have been a time when we were all taught not to douche, because the body can take care of itself, but our bodies are overwhelmed.  They can no longer handle the overload of toxins & need assistance from us.  Once we're aware of the issue, waiting is no longer an option.  We must act, to take control of our health and the health of our younger women, that need modern new world, training and direction.


During "Womb Love" Days, which are set up according to how often we need to "Detox" our Wombs, at least once every 3 months, the Womb Love Days are as follows...


Sunday, May 15th,

Sunday, August 14,  

Saturday, October 17,

Sunday, January 15,


Ask for our "Womb Love" booklet for your Womb Love event or invite us to assist you in your Celebration!


Happy Womb Love Day!

Eshe The Herb Lady

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